Connection easily closes and not be able to auto-reconnect


I tried eggPlant Functional in 2 cases of SUT:

  1. Windows 7 on both test-running machine and SUT
  2. Windows 7 on test-running machine and CentOS 6.5 on SUT

In 1., the connection between 2 machines closes regularly but is still automatically re-established right away; thus the script can continue well.

In 2., the connection cannot be recovered after the connection closure and then the script is stopped at that time.

In addition, in 2., when connecting 2 machines at the very first step, I have to manually accept the connection that the test-running machine created before (this step is automatically executed in the case of 1.)

Could anyone tell me how to solve this?


In scenario 2 do you mean that on the SUT you have to manually confirm the connection? If so then that is the reason it will not automatically reconnect.

You can change this setting under System Preferences->Remote Desktop by turning off “Ask you for confirmation”.

Thanks a lot!
I also added an firewall exception for the port I used and it works fine now.

Another question is that: is there any way to speed up the image recognition time? The eggPlant’s current execution speed is a little slow and that obviously affects the testing speed. This is one of the important requirements for us when evaluating eggPlant or other testing tools.


Actually there are a number of ways to speed up search times but it depends on what sort of delays you are seeing.

Generally speaking Discrepancy searches are quite slow so I would only use those if you need them. OCR searches are slow if you have large screens with a lot of text. In both cases you can speed things up if you set the searchRectangle to restrict eggPlant to only look in part of the screen.

There are many other improvements that can be made as well. The best way to make a concrete suggestion is if you post some example images (if you can) or send a request to support.

In my case, setting the searchRectangle does not increase the speed much. As what I understand, eggPlant search for an image that is around the original location first, right? So if the location of an searching image does not change much then searchRectangle does not really help.

Secondly, I don’t know why the connection between 2 machines is disconnected and reconnected so many times during the script running. That slows down the execution time significantly. Any idea about this issue?

By default, eggPlant always searches the entire screen for images. So setting the SearchRectangle almost always helps. The original capture location is stored, but it’s not used in general searching.

Are you running the latest version (14.11), that has some improvements to connection stability.

To suggest much more you will need to send details to with some logs showing what is slow.