Connecting WinXP to Vine Server

I’m not entirely familiar with the Mac OSX, so please bear with me.

I want to use either a VNC Viewer or Remote Desktop to view an external/remote MacBook Pro from a Windows machine.

I started the Vine Server, and have both the internal and external IPs of the machine. Connecting to the machine using the internal IP was a success and working well, but connecting through the external IP was not. Could not get in.

I did not do other additional settings aside from starting the Vine Server.
Are there system settings that I should have tweaked?

Much thanks!

No replies?

I’m using Snow Leopard, and the instructions in your FAQ do not apply.
How do I add the ports? Through the Firewall? What if my Firewall is disabled?

Right now, my MacBook Pro cannot accept connections through its external IP. As stated before, the internal IP works. The firewall is disabled.

I’ve also tried opening the firewall, and enabling connections from Vine Server. Does not work either.

Are there other ways I can make this machine recognize port 5900 connections? Any suggestions?

The external IP is not the address of your machine – it’s the address of the access point (i.e., the router) that your machine is connected to. The access point is visible to the wider internet – unless you’ve deliberately exposed it, your machine is not. It’s on that box that you need to set up port forwarding to your machine’s local IP/port combination.