Connecting to Vine Server using SSH from Windows

1) Turn on SSH for Mac OS X.
Go to System Preferences -> Sharing Panel
Check the box for “Remote Login”.

2) Port Forwarding (if required)
If you are going to connect through a router then
you need to turn on port forwarding for port 22 to your Mac.
See the Vine Server manual or FAQ for more details.

3) Download an SSH client for your Windows Machine.
We recommend PuTTY:

4) Using PuTTY configure an SSH tunnel
Go?to the Connection->SSH->Tunnel option.?
Enter a local port that’s not in use (ex: 5909)
Enter the external IP and port to get to Vine Server
(Enter this info just as you normally would to connect to VNC

5) Still Using PuTTY. create an SSH Session
Go to “Session” and make an SSH connection to your Macintosh (
After you press Open you will get a terminal window which you can use to log-in.
Do NOT close this window after you login, the tunnel is tied to this session.

6) Connect your Windows VNC viewer
Launch your VNC client and specify “localhost:5909”.??
This will connect to your side of the SSH tunnel which will
in turn forward everything to Vine Server on your Mac.
As long as you only enter localhost:5909 and get a connection
then you can be sure your session is encrypted through SSH.