complex search area

Is there any way to specify a complex search area, via a polygon perhaps?

I’m looking to specify a search area in a region which is measured angularly from a central point, but because there are other identical images that are being detected within a my search rectangle, I’m having difficulty finding the specific item I desire.

The attachment may help to clarify my request.


Unfortunately you can’t specify non-rectangular search areas.

However, you CAN use the “EveryImageLocation()” function to get all locations for an image and then you can use your own functions to determine which ones fall in the various segments of the circle.

If you need explicit help with that let us know – it sounds like an interesting mathematical exercise; but it should be entirely achievable in Eggplant.

Thanks. I was already considering that as an option, but was waiting for your response. I should be able to figure it out without much difficulty.