Compare Text with text capture image text


I have captured a text(Screen name) in the form of text image. Now I want to compare this name with the other screen names that I have. How can i do this?

Can I use the ‘Text’ property of the text image ?

Please advise.



You can’t directly compare the actual text of a captured image with that of another text image that appears on the screen.

In order to compare the text of other screen names that appear on the remote interface you will first need to determine what the text is. If the text is selectable I would recommend that you use the remote clipboard to determine text values. In order to do this, you will first need to select the text. Once the text is selected you can perform a copy command (or ctrl-c for windows) to copy the text to the clipboard. Text copied to the clipboard can be accessed with the remoteClipBoard() function.

In regards to the image that you have captured, the text attribute only works for text images that are dynamically generated. Once a text image is generated, the text attribute becomes part of the imageName property. You should be able to use the imageName property to determine what the text image represents but ONLY for text images that were generated with a text image generator.

If you are unfamiliar with text image generation please consult the documentation for a thorough description. There is also a lot of information posted in the forums that you can also consult.