command line help

Hi, I searched the docs and forum but I’m surprised I couldn’t find what I was looking for…

How to restart Vine 2.1 Serve from a remote shell?

Please tell me it’s possible! I’d need this for when the server locks up.


Appendix A contains all the settings for starting OSXvnc-server from the command-line. But if you already have it running using a GUI server and just want to restart it then the easiest thing to do is find the process id and kill it.

> ps -aux | grep '.app/[O]SXvnc'

jonathan 1136 0.0 -0.5 321512 10800 ?? Ss 6:06PM 0:00.07 /Applications/Vine -rfbport

> kill 1136

In the default configuration the Vine Server GUI will see that the server has died and restart it.

so glad I bought the viewer!
thank you Redstone!

thanks for your response. exact code didn’t work for me in osx, but got me far enough to do a pe -cux and check out the PID and kill it. thanks!

HI, it’s me again.

Quick question. How can I restart my machine if I don’t have automatic login selected? Is there a way I can SSH into the box and execute the application?


Sure, if you have enabled SSH in SystemPreferences->Sharing->Serives->Remote Login. Then you can just SSH to your machine. Change into the application bundle directory (cd “/Applications/Vine”). Then launch the underlying server manually (./osxvnc-server) using whatever options you need (See Appendix A of the manual).

thanks so much for your prompt reply.

was able to do this and also relaunch the application from a remote shell by using the OSX command “open” thanks.