Command line arguments and eggPlant scripts

When running eggPlant scripts via the command line, is there any way I can access the command line arguments from SenseTalk?



Nevermind, I found this:


Passing Parameters
You can pass parameters to a single script, or the last of multiple scripts to be run. At the end of the runscript line, type -params, and then the parameters, separated by spaces.

Example: /Applications/ /Users/Alex/appTests.suite/Scripts/test1.script -params “SUT1” “phonebook.txt”

What do I use to access the variables passed in from the command line?

I think the parameterlist() function should work.

I used param(n) in the end.

The parameterList() and param(n) functions will both work fine. A slightly more elegant solution is to use a params declaration to give names to the incoming parameters. It must be the first (executable) line of the script, and looks something like this:

params SUTName, dataFileName

That would assign the first value passed in to a variable called SUTName, and the second value to dataFileName. This both assigns names to the values and also helps to document what the script is expecting.