Combo box or check box

Does EggPlant or Sensetalk has the capability of creating a combo box or check box so that user can select from the list of choices?

For this, I think you may be interested in the “Answer” command. This command prompts eggPlant to pop up a panel, allowing the user to choose from a list of predetermined options. There is also an “Ask” command, which allows the user to enter a value (not choosing from a list).

Documentation on these commands is here:

I look at the documentation that you have provide which only allow 4 options to be set. However, if I need to make a list of about 43 selections, how would I go about doing it? I prefer the user not to type the answer in because typing errors might occur.

There isn’t a way to do that directly right now. We’ll take that as a feature suggestion for a future release.

In the meantime, something like the following script may be your best option:

set fruits to ("apple", "banana", "blueberry", "cantaloupe", "cherry", "date", "elderberry", "fig", "grape", "grapefruit", "gooseberry", "guava", "honeydew", "huckleberry", "jackfruit", "kiwi", "kumquat", "lemon", "lime", "mango", "orange", "papaya", "passionfruit", "peach", "pear", "persimmon", "plum", "pomegranate", "quince", "raspberry", "starfruit", "strawberry", "tangerine", "watermelon")

set choices to empty
repeat with each fruit in fruits
	put the repeatIndex & ". " & fruit & "  " after choices
end repeat
set chosenFruit to empty
ask "Enter the number of your favorite fruit:" message choices
if it is a number then set chosenFruit to item it of fruits
put "The chosen fruit is: " & chosenFruit

In my testing that seemed to provide a reasonable way for a user to select from a large number of choices.