click an image from a folder


Let’s say I have a folder which contains several images. I want to randomly search and click on one of them. Then in another window, I want to find the one that I clicked! how do I know which one has been the random one?

Click "./folder/" -- this selects one and clicks on it 


put the short name of file foundImageInfo().imagePath

Thank You

Since you suggested you want to click an image at random, please be aware that this command will always go through the images in the folder in the same order and click the first one that it finds:

Click "./folder/" -- this selects one and clicks on it

To choose one at random you’ll need to do something different in your code. Here’s one possibility that might work for you:

Click any item of the files of "./folder/" -- "any" chooses one at random

SenseTalkDoug Thank You.