CLI scripts execution error

Hi Team,

I am trying to execute the eggplant scripts for CLI, using the following command

Mac OS X

1 . sudo /Applications/ -host -port -password

The scripts run fine

Now when I try to execute other script using the same syntax it throws VNC error saying “Connection Failed”

I also tried the other way of executing

I first ran the Step 1 and then ran the script without the options{host,port and password}, I could see that there were no error on the Terminal but the script did not perform any action on the VNCed machine.

Can any one help me out with right steps to perform script execution one after the another on VNCed machine from CLI?


In your first scenario you issued two commands both with connection information. You syntax is fine for what you want to do, there is just a problem establishing the connection.

Are you connecting to the same host? If so it’s possible that the VNC server is configured to only allow a single connection at a time. If so you might go ahead and change that setting on the VNC Server.

If you are connecting to a different host then you might need to verify that you have the right IP, port and password settings.

In your second scenario when you issued a command without connection information, two things could have happened.

It might have used the last known connections for that user (su) and connected to THAT machine instead.

Or it might have had no connection, it would execute the script and probably you would get a “No Connection Available” error in your Result folder for that script. The command would complete but you would need to see the logs to tell exactly what happened.