Claire Bear's First Script

Click “Safari”
Click “box with a +”
TypeText “www.millsberry .com”
TypeText "

by Claire, Age 6

A chip off the ol’ block. :smiley:

Wonderful to see that a child of 6 can use Eggplant and SenseTalk. It is that simple.

Way to go, Claire!

Nice job! :slight_smile:

two ten year olds ( my guess ) sitting outside the radio shack store

“my dad said he’ll rip all of his lp’s onto my ipod”

“what’s an LP?”

“Oh, a big black giant sized CD”

needless to say “cleanup in section 6”,

my slurpee hit the floor.

if the world is an oyster, today’s youth have bigger challanges then fitting it all on a 400k boot disk.

What the heck is a CD? My iPod only does mp3s. :wink:


Now that’s just sad. Know what else is sad? I used to remember gas being under a dollar. Sigh…