Chaining boolean expressions


I’ve got a fairly legnthy script that I’m having trouble getting to work. When I run the script, I get the following error:

STInvalidBooleanException Value is not true or false, or yes or no: 2K [/quote]

The offending loop in my script is:

if currOS is equal to "XP" or "2K" or "ME" or "98" then
	typetext shiftdown &controldown &"N" &shiftup &controlup
	typetext "\s\aN\S\A"
end if

The variable currOS is coming in from another script and is properly set to XP for this particular run.

Do I need to separate all these into separate else if/then loops? If not, what did I do wrong?



Hi, Allen:

The problem is that all of the items you’ve joined by "OR"s need to be boolean expressions. Your code should look like this:

if currOS is equal to "XP" or currOS is equal to "2K" or currOS is equal to "ME" or currOS is equal to "98" then 
? ?typetext shiftdown & controldown & "N" & shiftup & controlup 
? ?typetext "\s\aN\S\A" 
end if 

You could also do something like this:

if currOS is in ( "XP", "2K", "ME", "98" ) then...

If you’re going to be making this comparison frequently, then you might want to put the list into a variable:

put ( "XP", "2K", "ME", "98" ) into WinOS
if curOS is in WinOS then...