Capturing today's date

Suppose I run my Script daily where I want to capture today’s date. Everyday it should capture current date and compare itself. Is this possible ? I don’t think so.


If you can identify the area of the screen to read from, they you can use ReadText() to get the date from the SUT. Then you can use the date() function to get the current date:

put readText(x,y) into SUTDate
if SUTDate is not equal to the date then logError "Date on SUT is incorrect"

By default, the date() function returns the date in the form “mm/dd/yyyy”; if the date that you are verifying is in some other format, then you can use one of many predefined date formats, or use the convert command or the formattedTime() function to render the current date in almost any format that you can imagine.

So yes, this task is easily accomplished with eggPlant Functional.