Capturing the Mouse cursor

Is it possible to capture the image of the mouse cursor? In some of out testcases the mouse cursor will turn to a hand or some other object when it hovers over a button.


No, there’s currently no way to capture the cursor in Eggplant. When you see the cursor, it’s because we’re drawing it in locally. We have to do this because that’s what the remote machine is doing, too; the desktop image is created (and this is what VNC sends to us) and then the cursor is painted in on top of it.

So while it’s conceivable that we could someday provide the ability to include the cursor in a screen capture, there’d be the possibility that what was captured wouldn’t necessarily be what was actually being displayed on the remote machine, since it would be our local rendering of that element.

There is a workaround that would allow you to capture the screen of the Eggplant machine, which would include the cursor in the Remote Screen window. You can run the Mac’s built-in screencapture routine via a SenseTalk “shell” call:

shell( <<screencapture “iconCheck”>> )

This is obviously not a great option; it captures the whole of the local display, the Remote Screen window needs to be in the foreground, and you can’t actually compare the current state to an expected state. But if you just had to have the capture as a test checkpoint, this is at least a mechanism for obtaining it.