Capturing a third Image Representation??


When using the Image Doctor, i can capture an Image Representation by Searching for the image i want and when not found, i can select the “Original Location” and from the action menu “Add Image Representation”.

This is useful for Icons in a tool bar that have multiple states. ( Enabled, Selected, Disabled ). The problem i am having is, lest say i start with the Enabled Image, and then i add the Disabled Image as a representation.

I end up with a folder name Enabled with Enabled.tiff and Disabled.tiff within it. Now, if i want to add the third image to the representations… that’s when things start to turn weird.

I can’t search for the folder name Enabled, i have to search for Enabled.tiff or Disabled.tiff, so let’s say i go with Enabled.tiff i End Up with a structure like this:


What am i missing? is there a better way to add representations?

The “Add Representation” option on the Action dropdown is always going to create a new subfolder. It’s meant as a convenience when you don’t already have an Image Collection defined. Once you have a Collection, the best thing to do is just drop into Capture Mode, select the item by moving and resizing the Capture Area, and then just capture the new image and save it into the Collection. You can have any number of images in a Collection, although at some point, having a lot of images in a Collection is going to start noticeably slowing the time to search for them.

Is there any way to specify the capture area based on the original location of another image within the collection?

No, that ability doesn’t exist; you just have to position the Capture Area manually. It’s not really going to matter if it’s not exactly the same size as the other images. I’m not sure if this behavior holds across all versions, but at least on the Mac if you select the original location from the Doctor list, the purple highlight rectangle remains on the screen and you can use it as a guide to size the Capture Area.