Capture text


Sorry perhaps I’m asking sth stupid coz I’m a newbie to Eggplant.

Is there anyway to capture “pure” text result on screen without capturing the text as image firstly? I tried “Click (Text: *…)” command but seems it always tell me “Unable to generate image” for specify text content.


Please include the script that is not working for you.

Also post your Eggplant hardware configuration, and your SUT configuration. These would include the Eggplant version, the hardware you are using, the OS X version, as well as the SUT OS version and target application you are testing.

Ricky, did you figure this out?

Make sure in preferences that you’re set on the platform you want: Eggplant->Preferences->Text and verify if you’re on Mac or PC. If PC, make sure the WindowsTIG is there and running, and that port 5899 is open.

Click (Text: “foobar”)

? is the simplest case. It uses your default text style from preferences.

Click (Text: “File”, TextStyle:“ApplicationMenu”)

? this will look for text in the ApplicationMenu style (defined in your preferences as Lucida Grande 14 Bold.

One trick for debugging this (if you have Eggplant 4) is to copy the Text Image generated
YourSuite.suite/TextImages//MacOSX_10.4/LucidaGrande_14_B_#000000_#F0F0F0/+File.tiff )

and copy that into YourSuite.suite/Images folder, then use the image doctor to find it.

Thanks all for your kindly help.

I think the root reason why image always fail to generate is that I’m using Green license :P. I may upgrade it to purple future then learn more about it again.

Thanks again, :slight_smile: