Capture image with Mouse State

When I move my mouse over an image/area of my program I want to ensure that it doesn’t change. Specifically, I want to confirm that the area cannot me grabbed and moved.

Anyway to capture the state of the mouse in an image? Doesn’t seem to want to…


It is possible to capture the mouse cursor in the image. You need to open the Eggplant Preferences panel, and go to the VNC pane. Near the bottom there is an option for “Rich Cursors”; uncheck that option. Now if the mouse cursor appears in the image capture area, it will be included in the image. Since the Eggplant actions always move the mouse to precisely the same point relative to the image, images that include the cursor should match the remote screen if “Rich Cursors” are disabled during subsequent runs of that script.

Note: This is not something you can toggle on and off in a script, so if you turn off this setting, the mouse cursor is always going to be considered part of the image until you reenable it. One effect of this is that script developed with the cursor hidden may run more slowly (although probably not noticeably so) because Eggplant will search the screen once for the image, and if the cursor is “in the way”, Eggplant will have to move the cursor to the corner of the screen and repeat the search. And this moving of the mouse can sometimes have other unintended and unwanted side effects. This also means that you’ll have to make sure to manually turn this setting off whenever you run a script that uses images that include the mouse cursor, so it’s probably a good idea to add a comment to the top of such scripts to tell whoever runs it that they need to make that adjustment. You might also consider adding a code to the names of such scripts to make it even easier to tell at a glance whether the mouse cursor is included.

Thanks for the thorough response. At this point it sounds a like a little more trouble than it’s worth. I found a workaround as well.


We’ve taken this item in as a feature request and hope to (down the road) offer access to the cursor image in Eggplant.