Can't Start VNC Server of iOS GateWay

Hi all

I am new of test iOS,

Recently I download iOS Gateway and license it. Following are the steps I did for my iOS Gateway:

  1. Register my iOS device on Apple Developer member center and enable the UI automation on my iOS device.
  2. Installed Xcode and enable UI automation on my device through Xcode.
  3. Start iOS Gateway and Signing Apps for Use With the iOS Gateway without any problem
  4. In the device list on the left-hand sidebar of the iOS Gateway window, I can see my iOS device, but it is gray out, I can’t select it, that’s why I can’t start VNC Server

Please help and let me know what things I should try next step.



If you’ve properly signed your apps with a Developer (not distribution) profile, then they should be listed if you open up the disclosure triangle. It’s the individual applications you can select and launch to have a VNC server. See below.

If you don’t see any applications listed then you don’t have them signed properly for development and you might want to contact support to figure out what went wrong.

Hi JonathanOSX,

if you said the apps may not properly signed, but from the Xcode device window and automation enable window I can see my apps, see attached files: Device on Xcode.png and Application Enable on Xcode.png. I also resigned the apps on iOS Gateway without any problem, see attached Re-Signing Completed.png. You mean from this point, the ipa or Developer provisioning profile or Signing Certificate have problem?

Attached Re-Signing Completed file.

Finally I got this issue resolved. Our developer give me .app file instead of .ipa file. I am not sure this making sense or not, but works.