Can't get -maxdepth to work

I am trying to set vine server to startup in thousands of colors instead of millions to make things go faster with reasonable color clarity. If I use Chicken of the VNC and set it’s profile to thousands, it does speed things up a bit and looks good too.

I tried adding -maxdepth 16 to the command line options, and the server starts normally, but it still defaults to millions when connecting from chicken set to “let server decide” in my profile.

I tried -maxdepth 8 as well with the same results. Is maxdepth just broken, or am I not using it correctly?


Well, it’s not just you. maxBitDepth, although listed in the command line arguments, has never been implemented for OSXvnc.

We’ll file that as a bug and see if we can fix it for the next release of Vine Server.

That would be most helpful if it could be fixed. Thanks.