can't connect two clients to the same server?!

when i try to connect to my shop computer using vine viewer it works perfectly. however, if my wife (who also uses vine viewer) is already connected to the shop computer and i try to connect, i get the following error:

connection failed: error creating socket to host HOST

If I close my wife’s connection and then try to connect again on my machine, it works fine. I thought at first that the server must be set up to only allow one connection at a time, but that is not the case. when I am connected, she can still connect. So it seems strange that I cannot connect when my wife is connected, but she is able to connect when I am connected. I have searched for an answer but to no avail… Other VNC clients such as chicken of the vnc or VNCthing do not have this issue. Currently I have to use one of these instead of vine when my wife is already connected (which is really annoying because i like vine)



You will want to ensure that of the 3 options in the

Vine Server -> Sharing -> Server Sharing -> Always allow multiple VNC Connections

is set to on. This should take care of your problem.

thanks for the quick reply!

the server is tightVNC running on windows 2000. the settings are set to allow multiple connections and numerous other vnc clients are able to have mulitple connections on that machine. chicken of the vnc and vncthing both have no problem. it’s just with vine viewer…

Fundamentally this works just fine to TightVNC or any other VNC server. I think it’s just a settings problem. I would double check that your port number is correct, that you aren’t accidentally tunneling through SSH, etc.