Cannot start Eggplant

I start with a doubleclick. The Application start for a view seconds and quit without a message.

When I start with the Terminal the Application start.

When I start only the runscript the Application quits after a view seconds.

Any idea?


First you might check your Console program to see if it mentions anything about Eggplant crashing.

However, depending on which version of Mac OS X you are using. I think you might be running into is a strange bug with Apple’s Launch Services. Try the following: Make a complete copy of the Eggplant application: then launch THAT copy without ever trying to start it from Command Line.

Let us know what you find doing those procedures.

Find no crashes in my Console program.
I think that Eggplant_3.21 is not compatible with the Mac OS 10.5.2.
The program is neither stable nor fast on Mac OS 10.5. At 10.4.11 Eggplant runs without problems.

It is possible that there are some compatibility issues, we haven’t back-verified all of 3.21 on Leopard. Although I am able to launch the application and run scripts.

If you want to you can download 3.31 (the last release of Version 3).

If you would like a trial license for Version 4 please contact our support department.