Can you get a new result from a captured screenshot?


I’m using CaptureScreen comment to capture the screenshot of the SUT whenever something fails in my test.

Sometimes the developers change the font slightly or make some minor changes to the GUI that eggplant fails the test. But in order to capture that result image again, I have to go through all the steps to reproduce that again manually.

Is it possible to get a new result image from that captured .tiff screenshot? I can’t replace the old result with the whole screenshot because I only want part of that screenshot to be my result image. Any ideas?


You can use any third party tool to capture a selection from the screenshot – even the Mac’s Preview app will work. Then you can save it back to the Images folder of the suite. If you replace an existing image this way, the .imageInfo file will be unchanged and the image properties – such as the hot spot and the search type – will be retained. If you use this approach to create a new image, then after saving it you’ll want to open the Info drawer and set the desired properties.

eggPlant recognizes lots of image formats (tiff, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, and icn to name just a few), but you’ll want to make sure to use an uncompressed format so that the image isn’t altered.

That works great. Thanks!