Can you force the image doctor to search in another window

So basically when a result isn’t found a screencapture is taken so we can look at it later and determine if it is a bug or not. I was wondering if we can use the image doctor search feature in another window lets say preview or firefox instead of a SUT window. I want to be able to do this so I can determine after the script has run if the image settings are just off a little bit compared to the screencapture that was taken. To me this would save time because I would not have to set breakpoints in the script to compare the image to the SUT screen.

You can use the Image Doctor while a script is running if you set the doctor to “manual”. When set to manual, Eggplant will invoke the Image Doctor during image not found expections. The script will pause allowing you to adjust the search criteria using the Image Doctor. Once you feel that you have the correct search criteria set you can continue the execution of the script.

You can set the Image Doctor setting from the “Run Window” toolbar.

I don’t understand what you mean by “setting breakpoints”. You can’t do what you describe, but EPJoK’s suggestions may get you some of the functionality you’re looking for.

It’s generally not the case that scripts fail (or images aren’t found) because the image settings are off. It’s more often the case that things just didn’t happen fast enough on the SUT and the thing Eggplant was looking for showed up late.

If you want to compare a captured image to a screenshot and you have Photoshop or another image editing tool, you can open the screenshot, paste the captured image into another layer, and set the blending mode to difference. This will show you any difference in the pixels. If you don’t have the tools to do this, we can analyze some images for you if you send them to us.

The earlier suggestions are good ones, and you may want to explore the various Image Doctor options a bit more, including the Auto Doctor, and see if they meet your needs.

You can’t currently use the Image Doctor to look at captured screen images on the local machine – you would need to copy them to the SUT and display them there in order to use the Doctor on them. We have thought of adding something along those lines in a future version of Eggplant, though, so we’ll take this as a feature request. Thanks! We are always interested in hearing what people need.

OK thanks SensetalkDoug. My explanation might have been a bit off since I’m still new to Eggplant. I do want to compare it on my local machine. That would be a nice feature.