Can we pass image names through csv file

How can we pass the image names from .csv file to script?


Here is just a simple example that would use a CSV that had an image description and image name:

set myImages = "C:\Documents and Settings\jonathan\My Documents\EggplantData\Images.csv"

Repeat with lineno= each line of file myImages
	set imageDescription to item 1 of lineno
	set imageName to item 2 of lineno
	if imageFound(imageName) then logSuccess "Found " & imageDescription
	else logWarning "Didn't find " & imageDescription
end repeat

Here my doubt is
I am running script, now i want to refer those image names from csv file then search the image and click on that image which we are referring from csv
If imagefound (imagename)-- this image name i want to refer from csv
click “imagename”
ed if

Don’t quote the value. Then it will literally be looking for an image with the name of imagename.

If you put the value into a variable as the example does on this line:

set imageName to item 2 of lineno 

Then use the variable name, without quotes, it will work.