Bundle Load Failed?

When I run my script remotely through our automation tool, the script runs and passes, but at the start of each script, I get:

running in FULL mode on Host:9362328c
Loading Bundle (null)
Bundle Load Failed
Trying to connect - sc-w2k-test: 5900
Sending Password
Connection Established

and the script goes on to run with no errors logged and the right things happen during the test.

I am concerned that there is something I am not doing right when running remotely that may bite me later, so I am investigating the ‘Bundle Load Failed’ message.

What causes this error? Can I put in some debug statements to investigate?


This warning should not have any impact on any of your scripts and is not anything that you are doing wrong.

It was inadvertantly introduced in 3.1 and is cleared up if you download the latest version of Eggplant: Purple at http://www.redstonesoftware.com/downloads/EggplantPurple.dmg

We apologize for the inconvenience.