Build Property Lists using variables

I am trying to build a property list of a floating menu list with the menu item as the property and the location as the associated value.

The location gets stored but the only the variable name gets used for the key.
I have a loop that collects the information but the key part of the loop is similiar to:
put menuRect into property menuName of menuList.

Where menuName = “Exit” and the menuRect = (20,30,40,50)

Result would be menuList = (menuName:(20,30,40,50)

What is the best way to utilize the variables?

SenseTalk assumes property names in a script are the literal name of the property. But instead of the literal name you can use any expression in parentheses and the value of that expression will be used as the property name.

So, instead of this:

put menuRect into property menuName of menuList

you’ll want to do this:

put menuRect into property (menuName) of menuList

or, if you prefer:

put menuRect into menuList's (menuName)