Best way to set up the controller and SUT?

Hi all,
I have been using EggPlant from past few weeks and slowly learning it. We have a Virtual Machine-Windows XP for the controller and SUT is my local machine with Windows 7. I remote the controller machine through my local machine…To resolve ?Failed to find images" issues I have used “wait for” and changed the “remote work interval” time to 0.9. I have observed that the application Runs very slow through EggPlant. Is there any way I can make it run faster?? Does boosting up RAM of the Virtual Machine will help? Do I need to install the controller on a separate machine?
What would help to speed up the application?

Thank you

I think you will have much better results if your SUT is a different machine than the parent OS that is running the XP virtual machine.

To do this you will want to make sure that your VM machine is on the same sub-net, usually through using a “bridge” instead of “nat” mapping in the VM software.

Another option, rather than running in a VM is to use the XP compatibility mode of Windows 7. This isn’t perfect because it results in some display artifacts in the Eggplant controller, but it can execute your tests just fine. ( I would still recommend testing against a separate SUT).

Feel free to get the latest download that will warn you but still allow for installation on Windows 7.