best way to Batch run my whole suite with diff parameters

Can you tell me what would be the best way to Batch run my whole suite on three Platforms the combos being
Every script in the suite takes a param which is the Platform and then executes it like

params platform
IVEUser.IVELogin(platform ,“user” , password ")
IVEUser.doSomething (platform , "… ")
IVEUser.logout( platform …)
All the reusable Actions take platform as Parameter

  1. Have a script to do this
    called runall.script

param platform
put my folder into currLoc
put files(currLoc&"…/Scripts") into scriptDir
repeat for each item in Scriptdir
if it is “runall.script” then
next repeat
end if
run it , platform
end repeat

  1. Can I pass a param( platform ) to all the Tests in the Suite from Command line not single script

I would prefer 2 …

Any other Ideas

Yes you can pass parameters from the Command line. Usage:

-params param1 param2

Everything after the -params flag is treated as parameters to be passed. A consequence of this is that you can only pass parameters to a single script, it must be the last script listed on the command line, and the -params flag and its parameters must come at the end of the command line.

I think your approach here is sound. You can also consider setting a GLOBAL variable that will be used by scripts in your suite. Global variables are described in detail in the SenseTalk reference manual.