Best Practise for organising/Running Suite

Whats the best practice to keep all the results?
Is it possible for any one to share their experience like how you organize the results and schedule your execution?

What kind of tool do u use to run/Schedule Eggplant execution?



The folders created for each individual run of a script can be renamed in whatever fashion you like. You can change the names manually, or write an eggPlant script that re-names the files for you as they are created (this can be incorporated into the running script). However, changing the names manually is time consuming, and writing a script to do it for you could become complex. You could potentially organize them into sub-folders, but this might cause problems if you try to access the information in the results from within another script, or if eggPlant tries to access the results and cannot find them because the path has changed.

You can schedule scripts to run in the “Schedule” tab of the suite window. “Schedule” is a bit of a misnomer here, because this feature acts more like a “Sequencer”. It orders the scripts, but does not have a feature to set a time for them to run.
Another way to schedule scripts is with eggPlant Manager. EggPlant Manager is more of an actual scheduler than the feature of eggPlant in the “Schedule” tab. You can read more about eggPlant Manager here:

You can also use other schedulers, depending on what platform you are on. On Windows, you can set it up to run at a certain time by scheduling a task. Here is a link that might be of some help in this endeavor:
If you are on Mac or Linux, you can use Cron (This may also be available for Windows now). Here is a link with information on Cron:

For instance, you can set a sequence of scripts up in the Schedule tab of the suite window, and then kick off the run of that suite through Cron at a certain time.