Backslash in Type Text no worky?

I want to type a directory path into a Windows Open dialog… however

TypeText <>


TypeText “C:\Documents and Settings\TEST\My Documents\Tawala\Functions\function.log”

Results in C:ocuments and SettingsTESTMy DocumentsTawalaFunctionsfunction.log

How might I do this?

I learnt this the hard way myself. :smiley: You need to escape the backslashes:

typeText "C:\\\\Docs\\mine\\yours.txt"

if you’re reading them from a variable/container/text file, you can first say:

replace all "\" with "\\" in myVar
typeText myVar

clear as mud? :smiley:


cool. so just double up on all the backslashes…

ummm… why are there 4 backslashed after c: ?