Automating WSUS update selection

Good Morning,

A task I have been asked to do is to see whether or not eggplant functional can be used to select and apply WSUS updates and then check that updates have been installed.

I do not reckon that this script would be repeatable because you would have to change it every time to read the individual updates available and also the script would need to match the update to the correct OS (server 2003/8/12, win7/8 etc). All of these factors would still need to be manually selected either way.

Has anyone been down this route or is it best leaving WSUS to an administrator.

Hope the above makes sense.

Hi Dan,

This might be doable with a combination of image searches, OCR searches, readtext, but I’m not too clear on the full workflow you are hoping to automate. The basic description doesn’t sound too challenging.

You can use images to identify available updates, use OCR to read the KB numbers for the available updates and store those numbers, and then use OCR again to confirm that updates with those KB numbers were installed. You’d likely do this through the WSUS user interface.

Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for the reply carrie,

That is pretty much the approach I am planning on attempting.

Also looking at the user end of the system, we had an idea of carrying out the check/install/reboot of updates, hopefully all simple and easy to achieve.