Auto reverse-request @ start

Hi everyone

Is there a way to automatically open a vnc reverse-connection (connection-request @tcp5500) by starting the vine-server??

There’s an option to launch the vnc server by starting the app, but can’t find anything about auto-connection-request to a predefined host… (if not implemented yet, would be really easy to do it… because the feature does allready exist).

I use VineServer resp. VNC as a dualscreen hack (e.g. put the notebook next to the workstation monitor and controll the notebook from the keyboard&mouse of the workstation).
I am able to automatically start vine-srv if the notebook comes to the office, now it would be nice to auto. open a reverse-connection.

Can anyone help me?

regards henggi

Yes, there is a command-line option to the server that will initiate a reverse connection when the server is started: -connectHost . This is listed in Appendix A of the Vine Server documentation. You can enter this option in the Command Line Arguments field on the Advanced tab in Vine Server Preferences.

works… awesome!! thx a lot!