Another OCR issue...

Either I don’t understand OCR or this thing just isn’t working. I am trying to capture a clearly visible word on the screen. I have changed the DPI, given it all valid characters, turned ignoreSpaces on and off, fine tuned the search rectangle and all I get is “LI” when I’m putting the search rectangle around the entire word.

here is the code:

put readtext ((1235, 80, 1345, 93), validCharacters:"LINKDOWN", contrast:on, contrastColor:black, DPI:dpi) into widgets

and here is the screenshot of the word needed to be read with OCR…

The “dpi” variable next to the DPI parameter is just a variable I’m changing in a repeat so I can figure out what the best DPI is. It starts reading it at around 60-80 dpi.

Think I might of just figured it out…thought the contrast was the background color, but “I” is wrong…when I changed it to White I am getting better results…


I’m glad that you are seeing better results.

Just so you know, if you are looking to have the OCR read uppercase letters only, you should add the parameter:


This may or may not help in this situation.


how do I get rid of the
after every recognition? basically once I get it recognized it adds a
onto which I think is a linespace right? besides parsing it after I have it, is there a way to remove that when it captures it?