Announcing Eggplant 3.0 with Text Image Generation

We’re very pleased to announce that Eggplant version 3.0 is now available!

This release incorporates new text image generation technology, dynamic breakpoints, Universal Binary support for native execution at full speed on Intel Macs, reverse VNC connections, many new script capabilities including the ability to work directly with colors, and numerous other enhancements.

The new Text Image Generator creates images on-the-fly for any text with a given style, enabling scripts to find and work with textual elements on a remote screen without the need for pre-captured images. This provides numerous benefits including the ability to work with dates and other dynamic elements, without compromising Eggplant’s independence from the system under test.

In addition to the text image capability, the new release adds dynamic breakpoints that can be set and cleared at any time during script execution; the ability to establish a “reverse” connection initiated from the system under test; and a new Support Request panel to facilitate submitting questions or feedback directly to our support team from within the application.

We think these new features will make your job quicker and easier, and enable you to do even more with Eggplant. If you have a current support and maintenance agreement, please download the new version (from our Download page) and give it a try. As always, we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for future enhancements.