alternate way of submitting "Report Bug..." info?


I have been working with Debbie to try and isolate our recent connection/crashing problems with Eggplant and had a quick question.

POP and Imap is disabled on our email server and so it may be impossible for us to configure the “Mail” application on our Mac’s to “Report Bug…”

I know the email for that is “” but is there any way to get the diagnostic info that is automatically saved into the body field of “Mail” into another email application like Lotus Notes?

Can we just set up a bogus account in “Mail” and then have the diagnostic info pasted into an email in “Mail” and then copy and paste it from there into Lotus Notes and email you that info from Notes?

BTW - I restarted my PC SUT and things seem to be running more stable for me so far.

Please let us know.



Hi, Brad:

Didn’t realize it was you I was speaking to with Debbie. Yes, I was going to post a suggestion that you can just go to /Users/yourhome/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ and open the file Eggplant.crash.log. You can then send that file or its contents via whatever mechanism works for you. One suggestion is to use the Support page on our Web site, but I’m afraid that the content of a crash log may exceed the space allotted for a case in our database – there’d be no harm in trying it though. You could also attach the log file to a reply to this topic using the attachment feature of the bulletin board. I’ll keep my out for it and let you know if it tells us anything about what might be happening.

  • Matt