Alternate SSH Port


I connect to multiple computers through a NAT router
I need to set the ssh port to be other than 22 as another machine is using it.
Is this possible through the Vine Viewer interface?


Yes, the ssh port, and other more esoteric settings, can be changed by modifying the ssh_config file which is stored inside the application bundle.


You can even modify it so that only specific hosts use the alternate ssh port.
(Please see man ssh_config for more information).

This is an expert setting, please modify that file carefully.

Thankyou for you’re prompt response.

The problem is that I’m connecting to the same host but different ports.

I’m setting up an ssh tunnel to one machine through the router on port 22 and then as that is taken I’m using port 23 for the other machine behind the router and then re-directing it to port 22 on the second machine.

If you have any other suggestions on how I might do this I’d appreciate the advice.


You can do this by setting up multiple DNS aliases that point to the external address of your network:

MyMachine1 -
MyMachine2 -

Then within the ssh_config file have the SSH communication forward to the appropriate port:

Host MyMachine1
Port 22

Host MyMachine2
Port 23

For my part, I usually like to just SSH to a single machine within a NAT space (say Machine1) and then use that as a gateway since you can now resolve IP’s internal to that space. Vine Viewer is designed to work this way if you define a separate Server and SSH Host like this:

Server: Machine2.local (or the local IP for machine2 like
SSHUser: mynameOnMachine1

But feel free to use whichever approach works for you.