advice on a test script with multiple apps?

I have a script that needs to test two related applications A, and B on a PC SUT.

I need to do some setups in application A, and then I need to verify that the setups were successful by checking some data in application B.

What is the best way to switch back and forth between application A and B using Eggplant?



Hi, Brad:

Once you have the two applications open, you can just use

TypeText WindowsAltDown, Tab, WindowsAltUp

to switch back and forth between them. Note that this code example assumes the use of Eggplant 1.5. If you’re still running Eggplant 1.42, you would need to do this:

TypeText "\a	\A"

which says the same thing, and still works in 1.5, but isn’t as easy to read.