ADBCall (..) to install FireFox APK on 10 devices


Here is a simple repetitive script that attempts to install the same FireFox application onto each of the ten Android devices automatically:


// Connect to the 10 Android Devices and install FireFox 9
put ADBCall(“devices”)

(* SUT-1, Port 5900 [installs] *)
ADBCall("-s PZAIHIJVJNEMS4MV install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-2, Port 5901 [installs] *)
ADBCall("-s 4200ec77d8469200 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-3, Port 5902 [installs] *)
ADBCall("-s 0815f82a34092d02 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-4, Port 5903 [fails to install] *)
ADBCall("-s 21012e250a62434a install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-5, Port 5904 [fails to install]] *)
ADBCall("-s 4200d976f2bc1300 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-6, Port 5905 [fails to install] *)
ADBCall("-s 3004549431ce3200 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk ")

(* SUT-7, Port 5906 [fails to install] *)
ADBCall("-s fa25ce7c install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-8, Port 5907 [fails to install]*)
ADBCall("-s 9af49755 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-9, Port 5908 [installs] *)
ADBCall("-s QO3A19C38491 install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")

(* SUT-10, Port 5909 [connection closes immediately by host]*)
ADBCall("-s LGK350VGZ5QWSG install /Users/tandrio/Software/FireFox-Android/firefox-9-0-es-en-br-fr-de-it-android.apk")


With the exception of SUT 1 & 10 all devices connected fine (SUT-1 had a battery issue while SUT-10 disconnected as soon as it connects – possibly a USB certificate issue).

The problem: why some devices get to have the FireFox application installed while others don’t. Only SUT-9 installed consistently while SUT-2 and 3 stopped installing the last time the script ran. (The FireFox application was uninstalled from all SUTs between runs.)

Is this some timing issue? All connections were first established using the Connection List. eggPlant Functional was running on a MacBook Pro connected to the devices via a Tripp-Lite Hub. The script ran without generating errors.

In so far as doing this manually within a bash session, all applications install without issues. Nothing unusual.

Any ideas why this may be happening?

Funny thing was that when only two devices (SUT-1 & 9) where hooked up to the hub, the application installed nicely on both -> only once. Subsequently only SUT-9 would get FireFox.

Thanks for your assistance,

This is almost certainly a timing issue. Try putting a wait (say 5 or 10 seconds) after each ADBCall() call. My guess is that these calls are stepping on each other.