active and inactive button states

I have the following scenario which I cannot find a proper approach to test it. any help would be appreciated:

  1. Having a list of buttons with their titles on the screen (image00.png)
  2. Press each title(for example iPod)
    Verify01: clicked item turns orange(image01.png)
  3. Verify02: The Title turns orange after releasing the press(image02.png)


You would need to use images for this. You would have an image in each state, and your code would be something like:

press "iPod"
if not imageFound("iPodOrangeHilight" then
    logError "button did not highlight"
end if
if not imageFound("iPodOrangeText") then
     logError "text did not highlight"
end if

Thanks for the help.
Since the inputs-list changes(image00 can change), is there a way to do this based on color contrast or text reading?