accessing the webserver via proxy


Here i am stuck up with an issue and could not able to get the solution ever after referring to all the eggPlant documents. Below is my scenario,

I have been using POST method to send my requested data to an web service and i need to capture the response what the web service is returning.Normally i Used to talk to the web service via proxy server where i need to enable if i need to talk to that web service.

But the script i have written is not responding anything and is taking infinite time/hanging when i execute the script.

So Could you please let me know how can i configure proxy server details in the script/eggplant in order to get the response from the web service.

Can i expect any assistance on this please

There is no way to configure proxy settings in eggPlant. Web access is just not central to its functionality. We will however log this as a feature request.