Access using MAC

I’m new to Linux.Let me try to explain what i did

Eggplant is Installed in MAC
Kept a Common Path for Suite in Linux share
Having Different Window Box for Multi user(there Desktop) to access (VNC) and saving the Scripts in Linux share

-On the MAC you can create a script and copy it to the Linux share successfully
-From a Linux X-windows environment you can then open that script successfully

Basically, I cannot open any of script from MAC which is under Linux share
-Scripts originally created in a Linux X-windows environment also cannot be opened from the MAC, even though they are listed in the file list
-But, I can save a Script create from MAC it to Linux share
-I can copy the Local script from MAC to Linux share

  1. We are using 1 license for this.Is there any impact on tht ?
  2. Is that the way Egg Plant behave with MAC if have a shared path from Linux or something i have to check it on.

This doesn’t sound like a licensing issue. It sounds like a network file share issue.

I’m not sure what network file share you are using for this but the whichever it is I think you might need to work with the locking permissions to enable something less stringent. (That’s just a guess). But it’s definitely not inherent to Eggplant, I think it’s something with your environment.