Access Folder on SUT

Hi, I’am trying to access a Local folder on SUT machine. I understand that Eggplant cant see the the local SUTdrive ie, “C” im trying to use it as follow"

Put "\\\C$\Foldername" into FolderTest

But when I check if that folder exist, it will return false. Can you please let me know if there is any other way to access a folder on SUT.


eggPlant only has access to the local file system (on the eggPlant machine). In order to access files on a different system, you will need to mount the drive to your local computer. Otherwise, you will need to access the file through the GUI as a user would, scripting the actions necessary to access the file through the interface.

Thanks for the reply. I understand that part. but accessing that location, is as if Im accessing a Network drive. From the Eggplant Machine, I can access "\SUT-IP-Address\Folder.
I assume in that case, the only way to get it done is to mount it.
Also, is there any way, that is being worked on as an enhancement, so it can actually see the \ipaddress\ as a drive?

If you mount it to a drive letter you should be able to access files that way.

Please let us know if that isn’t working or if there is a a reason why mounting it to a drive isn’t feasible.

Mounting the drive would work, but lets say i’m running my tests on 6 different SUT machine, which they need to have access to the Local drive, If I want to mount those 6 machines that means taking 6 different drives. And every time I try to change the machine I need to mount the drive again.
Where as If I can use “\SUTIPAddress” its would make it alot easier.