2 instances of osxvnc-server process?

Good morning,
I connect to my Mac from a Windows machine (using TightVNC viewer) over the 'net using SSH tunneling.

I saw some strange activity and noticed when I have Vine Server running, there’s two “OSXvnc-server” processes running. When I close Vine Server from the dock, only one process goes away. If I try to close the other one, it keeps restarting with a new PID. Is this normal?

I scanned my machine for malware, wondering if I had a trojan that keeps starting the vine server (thereby keeping a door open), but MacScan couldn’t find anything.

I’m relatively new to Mac (8 months), so I’m still getting my feet wet.


Check in the application to see if you have a “System Server” configured. These servers start when the machine boots up and stay running separate from any user process.